HTML5 Introduction

What is New in HTML5?

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration for HTML5 is very simple.
  • <!DOCTYPE html>
The character encoding (charset)is also very simple.
  • <meta charset="UTF-8">

New HTML5 Elements

  • New semantic elements like <header> <footer> <nav> <section> <article>.
  • New HTML5 Input Types like color, date, datetime, email, search tel, url.
  • New graphic elements like<svg> and <canvas>.
  • New multimedia elements like <audio> and <video>.

New HTML5 API's (Application Programming Interfaces)

The most fascinating new API's are:
  • HTML Drag and Drop
  • HTML Local Storage
  • HTML Geolocation
  • HTML Application Cache
  • HTML Web Workers
  • HTML server-sent events(SSE)


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